Traffic Management

AER has an excellent and unique range of traffic management and information management systems for a wide variety of applications where temporary or  additional information is required.


The fleet uses the latest LED technology and computer programming to ensure that your messages, information and traffic directions are seen clearly and instantly from up to 500 metres away. Our experienced technicians provide accurate information and the best solutions for your requirements. Flexible solutions for your equipment needs.

Arabian Equipment Rentals can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ideal for when emergencies arise or you suddenly require emergency dewatering and pumping capability out of hours.

The Right Equipment For Your Project

These are extremely useful for special events, road building and repairing projects, lane closures and any situation where additional information is required such as car parking or a change of protocol

Specifically AER can offer:

  • Traffic calming

  • Traffic control

  • Speed awareness

  • Variable message signs

  • Solar powered temporary light solutions

  • Multiple language options including Arabic LED technology

  • Computer programming


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