Pump Rentals

Boasting an exceptional range of pumps and pumping systems, backed by experienced personnel offering the best support in the industry – Arabian Equipment Rentals is your trusted partner in the Middle East


Our pumps range in size from 3in (80mm) to 26 inch (660mm) diameter, with flow rates up to 1500 litres per second and maximum heads up to 185m. We carry one of the largest pump and dewatering fleets in the Middle East – all on a ready to use basis. Our fleet is technologically advanced and scrupulously maintained to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

Arabian Equipment Rentals can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ideal for when emergencies arise or you suddenly require emergency dewatering and pumping capability out of hours.

The Right Equipment For Your Project

Our products have been designed and tailored specifically for the rental industry – where performance and reliability are of the highest priority. Our pumps far outperform our competitors in terms of reliability and performance – resulting in fewer pumps being required to achieve the same flow rate within most proposed pipe work systems. This leads to a higher, performing, more economical system for your dewatering application.

Specifically our equipment can offer:

  • High Performance, high flow, high head pump sets

  • Stainless steel internals

  • Fully open high efficiency impeller

  • Front and rear stainless steel adjustable

Why Rent?

  • Short Term Rental
  • Long Term Rental

If you are buying capital equipment or machinery. Paying for it in advance can have a serious impact on cash flow. After five years you are left with a seriously depreciated asset that may have a limited working life left.

Renting can help reserve cash for other areas of your business, for projects and expenditure that offer better business returns, or simply represent a more efficient use of business resources. It is a prudent fiscal policy to invest as little as possible in depreciating assets and as much as possible in appreciating assets. Renting provides a compelling business case for keeping the costs of depreciating assets down whilst at the same time passing that cost and the risk of obsolescence to a third party equipment and solution provider like AER


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