Liquid Storage

For rapid, legal, fuel transportation and deployment worldwide call Arabian Equipment Rentals.


Ideal for linking to hard-working dewatering pumps , our solution saves constant refuelling.
Our AR FuelCubes are bunded ADR approved IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) for storage and transport of diesel fuel, built and tested to UN requirements for rapid, legal fuel transportation and deployment worldwide.

Arabian Equipment Rentals can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ideal for when emergencies arise or you suddenly require emergency dewatering and pumping capability out of hours.

The Right Equipment For Your Project

We currently have equipment available in three sizes from 959 – 3000 litres capacity We also have options for hand and electric pumps.

Our products feature galvanised framework around the tank for extra protection of the tank and it’s paintwork Standard fitting includes 3” fill port c/w fusible link cap, mechanical percentage contents gauge, pressure vacuum vent, 3/4“ feed (for pump), 1/2” feed and return (for generator). In order to help you reduce your storage needs, the Transcube ‘Global’ is approved for stacking 2 high full and 3 high empty.


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