AER has an excellent range of diesel generator sets available for rental

Arabian Equipment Rentals have an extensive fleet of generators to suit a wide range of our customers applications. From power for emergency & programmed shutdowns, events and specialised situations or connection to our transportable fuel tanks for a truly remote solution, we have your needs covered.

No two jobs are the same, and we pride ourselves on offering the very best advice to ensure your installation is not only safe, but provides a steady flow of power to ensure that you get your job done on time.


All of our generator units are equipped with world class diesel engines, and range from 50 KVA to 500 KVA. They are locally serviceable and ruggedly package. The Fleet is suitable for harsh environments and designed for durability and reliability. They are oversized where necessary, (e.g. cooling system, 3-phase alternator) with noise levels at 80dBA at 1 metre, along with a 50/60 Hz option available on request.

Arabian Equipment Rentals can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ideal for when emergencies arise or you suddenly require emergency dewatering and pumping capability out of hours.

The Right Equipment For Your Project

Our products have been designed and tailored specifically for the rental industry – where performance and reliability are of the highest priority.

Specifically our equipment can offer:
Generator Sets: Airman (Japan-made)

  • Complete package is fully transportable

  • High generating performance, low noise level environment friendly

  • Dual voltage system, dual mode frequency, highly accurate parallel operation system

  • Easy maintenance, power leakage, protection devices

  • 3-way fuel tank selection valve and automatic Air Bleeding System


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