Boasting an exceptional range of pumps and dewatering systems, backed by experienced personnel offering the best support in the industry – Arabian Equipment Rentals is your trusted partner in the Middle East.


We have incorporated the very best wellpoint equipment into our fleet to offer the best turnkey solutions to our clients

Arabian Equipment Rentals offers a wide range of effective and innovative pumping solutions through design, installation and management of dewatering systems.

Excavations that go below the natural water table risk soil instability and/or flooding. The impact of not dealing with groundwater problems can be enormous both in economic and engineering terms, if not dealt with professionally. Combined with years of experience, Arabian Equipment Rentals’ Dewatering Services has tackled ground water problems around the world, in all conditions including running sands, shale, clay, perched water tables and tidal flats.

Arabian Equipment Rentals offers turnkey contract dewatering solutions and project evaluation by calculating and offering single, double or multistage well point dewatering systems, through deep wells or submersible pumps strategically located within the dewatering area.

Complete project dewatering evaluation is available and informed decisions will be made on which method is the most cost effective method of dewatering for specific requirements. All the well point dewatering equipment used by Arabian Equipment Rentals has been developed to meet the harsh conditions of the Middle East. Systems are lightweight, corrosive resistant and incorporate modern control features.

Deep well installations are available using either slotted PVC or steel well casings. Installation, recovery, on- going assistance and servicing is also provided.

Arabian Equipment Rentals can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ideal for when emergencies arise or you suddenly require emergency dewatering and pumping capability out of hours.

The Right Equipment For Your Project

This includes lightweight but robust PVC header pipes and Sykes Australia’s Flexbow system both of which have been well proven across the world. The Flexbow system offers the ability to trim your system and prevent cavitations by trimming the valves. The Flexbow arrangement is also a push fit design for easy installation. The UV stable PVC headers are able to withstand corrosion and are lightweight for easy relocation around site, utilising the rubber sleeve joints. We believe that we can offer a technically superior system that will provide straightforward installation, long-term performance and cost effectiveness for any dewatering application.


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