Official Announcement: AER has been approved by ADNOC, CICPA, TRANSCO, and TAQA…. Further Establishing its Presence in Key Sectors apart from Contracting and Construction.”

AER is thrilled to share the exciting news that the esteemed regulatory bodies, ADNOC, CICPA Transco, and TAQA, have for a while now, officially recognized and approved AER’s expertise and capabilities, solidifying our position as a prominent player in crucial sectors. Our success in obtaining these approvals is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our strategic industry partnerships.

With these approvals in hand, AER is now well-equipped to tackle major initiatives in collaboration with ADNOC. Particularly in the field of Oil and Gas fields both onshore and offshore, we are actively involved in several projects across prominent sites such as Borouge, Ruwais, Habshan, Das Island and Mirfa. Through these endeavors, we are playing a vital role in advancing the oil and gas processing industry and helping to meet the growing energy demands of the region.

One of the key achievements that has propelled our recognition by these esteemed regulatory bodies is our utilization of Zone 2 specified pumps in our ongoing projects. These high-performance pumps adhere to stringent safety standards and are specifically designed for use in potentially hazardous environments. By employing this cutting-edge technology, we not only ensure the safety of our operations but also maximize the efficiency and reliability of our infrastructure.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence and our continuous efforts to forge strong partnerships within the industry have been instrumental in our success. By joining forces with ADNOC, CICPA, TRANSCO, and TAQA, we have gained invaluable support, expertise, and resources that have enabled us to thrive in the dynamic energy sector. These collaborative alliances have bolstered our capabilities and introduced us to new opportunities, positioning us as a trusted and reliable partner for major initiatives in the region.

As we solidify our presence in key sectors and expand our portfolio, we remain steadfast in our dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and operational efficiency. We understand the critical role that the energy sector plays in driving economic growth and sustainable development, and we are fully committed to making a positive and lasting impact through our contributions.

We express our gratitude to our esteemed partners, regulatory bodies, and clients for their trust and support, without which this approvals and works would not have been possible. We look forward to continued collaboration and success as we navigate the evolving energy landscape and strive to excel in every aspect of our operations.

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