Arabian Equipment Introduces the CP220i Primax Pump: A Game-Changing Solution for Industrial Fluid Transfer

Arabian Equipment, a leading provider of dewatering equipment in Middle East, is pleased to announce the addition of the CP220i Primax Pump to its comprehensive range. This state-of-the-art pump is designed to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, and reliability, making it the ideal choice for the construction, oil & gas, and rental industries.

One of the standout features of the CP220i Primax Pump is its use of stainless steel for the pump shaft, impeller, and wear plates. This not only makes the pump strong and corrosion resistant but also provides great hot strength, reducing the need for frequent maintenance compared to other models.

The CP220i Primax Pump outshines its competitors with a significantly higher discharge capacity. In fact, its 8-inch pump has a discharge rate that surpasses both 6-inch and other 8-inch models currently available in the market. This makes it the perfect choice for heavy-duty applications such as flushing, circulation, and high head discharge.

Key Features of the CP220i Primax Pump:

  • Dry self-prime and reprime capabilities
  • Ability to operate in “snore conditions”
  • Diesel, electric, or hydraulic drive options
  • Suction lifts of up to 9m
  • Can handle solids up to 80mm
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Replaceable wear plates for easy maintenance

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Suction: 9m/29′
  • Connections: 200×200
  • Max Flow l/sec: 220
  • Maximum Head: 64
  • Solids Handling: 80
  • Priming System: Compressor

The CP220i Primax Pump from Arabian Equipment offers a transformative solution for industrial fluid transfer needs. Its exceptional capabilities, including enhanced efficiency, high flow rate, durability, versatility, user-friendly design, and rigorous safety features, make it the go-to choice for a wide range of industries. With the introduction of the CP220i Primax Pump, Arabian Equipment continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions, empowering businesses to thrive in their operations efficiently and effectively.

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