Arabian Equipment, a leading provider of pump and dewatering solutions in the middle east, proudly presents one of the largest pumps in their fleet, the Sykes MH300i. This robust pump offers remarkable capabilities, making it an ideal choice for various industries who require next level dewatering.

With an impressive pumping capacity of 1900 m3 per hour and the ability to handle solids up to 90 mm, the Sykes MH300i proves to be perfect for challenging mining operations, high-volume construction dewatering tasks, and sewerage by-pass applications.

What sets the Sykes MH300i apart is its maximum head of 89m (9 bar). This exceptional feature enables the pump to deliver high head discharge pressure, making it suitable for water pressure boosting, water circulation, flushing, filtration, and chemical disinfection purposes.

The Sykes MH300i showcases outstanding durability with its stainless steel pump shaft, impeller, and wear plates. This ensures its resilience, making it suitable for both low and high pH applications like chemical disinfection and flushing works.

Designed for heavy-duty applications, the Sykes MH300i offers excellent performance, reliable operation, and easy maintenance. This outstanding pump has garnered high praise from industry professionals across various sectors, including Marine, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Industrial, and Agriculture.

Let’s take a closer look at the notable features and technical specifications of the Sykes MH300i:

  • Suction Flange: 300 mm / 12″
  • Delivery Flange: 300 mm / 12″
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Dry self-prime and reprime capabilities
  • Suction lifts up to 9 m
  • Solids Handling: 90 mm
  • Maximum Head: 89 m
  • Maximum Flow: 530 L/sec

Arabian Equipment invites you to experience the power and reliability of the Sykes MH300i. With its impressive capabilities and exceptional durability, this pump is sure to meet the demanding needs of your industry. Contact us today to learn more about how this outstanding pump can benefit your pump and dewatering operations.