Arabian Equipment Rentals have an extensive fleet of generators to suit a wide range of our customers applications.

From power for emergency & programmed shutdowns, events and specialised situations or connection to our transportable fuel tanks for a truly remote solution, we have your needs covered.

No two jobs are the same, and we pride ourselves on offering the very best advice to ensure your installation is not only safe, but provides a steady flow of power to ensure that you get your job done on time.

Calculate Your
Power Requirements

Running power to equipment on your site safely and efficiently is not as simple as merely hiring a generator and plugging in the cables. There are many issues to consider such as how much power do you need, what are the peak power requirements and what is the efficiency of the power source being used.

Electric generators may state both continuous power ratings and surge power ratings.

Arabian Equipment Rentals have experienced personnel on hand to help you determine the right generator for your next job so that you can be sure that you are never caught short in supplying power to your project, and that everything is done in a safe manner.